Jewish Federation of Orange County Sponsoring BDS Propagandist

Mohammed Wattad

Mohammed Wattad

By Janet Levy in Los Angeles

The Jewish Federation of Orange County is sponsoring Israeli-Arab Mohammed Wattad as a visiting scholar at the University of California at Irvine.

On two recent occasions, he gave lectures to students in which he praised Mahmoud Abbas as a “peace-maker.” This despite the reality that Abbas was Arafat’s deputy for 40 years, founded Fatah, provided the financing for the Munich Massacre, wrote his PhD dissertation and a book on Holocaust denial, praised Hezbollah, attended the KGB’s Patrice Lumumba University and much more.

When a pro-Israel student criticized Wattad’s characterizations of Abbas, Wattad reported her comments to Jewish Federation of Orange County leadership, who, in turn, ostracized her for her errant opinion.

In January, Wattad wrote an op-ed in Ha’aretz supporting the P.A.’s joining the ICC and advanced the opinion that all countries, including Israel, must sign and ratify the Rome Statute if they are serious about their commitment to international law. Of course the Rome Statute is never used against the world’s brutal dictatorships or terrorist regimes, including to criticize the relentless pursuit of Palestinian terrorists to destroy Israel.

It is not hard to imagine, given the U.N.’s record of accusing Israel of war crimes and other atrocities, its attempts to gut Israel’s right to self-defense and the existence of its OIC majority voting block, that this is yet another vehicle for demonizing and delegitimizing the Jewish state.

Here is a direct quote from the Facebook of Lisa Armony, Director of the Jewish Federation of Orange County’s Rose Project, following a presentation by visiting professor, Mohammed Wattad:

“Former Meretz MK Anat Maor and visiting professor and legal scholar Mohammed Wattad treated us to their insight and scholarship. While some university departments are allowing themselves to be an arena for anti-Israel propaganda, UCI invests in real scholarship to gain a true understanding about the region.”

Is this someone you’d like to teach (read “indoctrinate”) your children?

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