New Israel Fund Supports BDS

The real "BDS."

The real “BDS.”

The New Israel Fund supports BDS. Read this report from NGO Monitor for more information.

× In 2008, NIF distributed over $20 million to over 300 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Israel. Approximately 20% goes to NGOs that engage in political activities related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including some that reject the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish democratic state, and are active in boycott and similar campaigns. Examples include:

× Five grantees—Machsom Watch, Coalition of Women for Peace, Women Against Violence, Social TV, and Mossawa, signed a divestment letter, which was sent to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund.

× Adalah ($500,000 in 2008) promotes a “Democratic Constitution” calling for the elimination of Israel’s Jewish framework based on the “one-state solution.” Officials were also involved in writing and editing a May 2009 South African publication, “Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid?: A reassessment of Israel’s practices in the occupied Palestinian territories under international law.” The document refers to Israeli occupation as a “colonial enterprise which implements a system of apartheid.”

× NIF-funded NGOs and their groups were featured centrally in the discredited Goldstone report, which focused on alleged Israeli “war crimes” in the 2009 Gaza war. The report referenced B’Tselem more than 56 times and Breaking the Silence 27 times.

× Another grantee, Breaking the Silence, was active in promoting “war crimes” charges against Israel after the Gaza fighting in January 2009. These charges were based on anonymous and unverifiable hearsay testimonies.

× A December 16, 2010, article in Commentary, “NIF Cuts Off Funding for BDS Groups,” stated: “The New Israel Fund practically is the lawfare movement—its grants basically keep the campaign alive. If NIF cut off financing to lawfare groups, it could cripple the movement.”

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