JCC in Manhattan Promotes and Collaborates with groups that Support BDS against Israel

JCC in Manhattan.

JCC in Manhattan.

New York – The JCC in Manhattan’s Other Israel Film Festival is collaborating with organizations that fund or support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. The JCC in Manhattan lists as partners in the Other Israel Film Festival event, groups such as:

The New Israel Fund (NIF): As documented by Dr. Gerald Sternberg, Bar Ilan University, head of NGO-Monitor.org, the New Israel Fund supports organizations that actively work to delegitimize Israel through boycott, divestment and sanctions and lawfare tactics.

Partners for Progressive Israel Meretz-USA: This group calls on Jews to boycott other Jews. “Partners for Progressive Israel” has published a listing of Israel Products to be boycotted, sAhavas Ahava Cosmetic Products, Beigel and Beigel baked products and eight Israeli wine vineyards.

This group is listed as a partner on the JCC’s Other Israel Film Festival website & promotional material. They worked hand in glove with Judge Richard Goldstone to produce false charges against Israel, including allegations of war crimes and purposely targeting civilian populations. Judge Goldstone recently admitted that the report bearing his name contains charges and conclusions that are without foundation.


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